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Keep in the mind the overwhelming evidence of a hate crime that is covered up by Jason Simmons / Rich Anderson – Prosecutors in Dan Satterberg’s Office. (Under the leadership of “Expert” Prosecutor Mark Larson.)

In light of King County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Satterberg’s recent interest in evidence to solve crimes, it’s interesting to note prosecutors Jason Simmons and Rich Anderson thumb their nose and lie with about evidence. No wonder Detective McCall was able frame the defendant and then be protected by Jason Simmons. No wonder local Enumclaw City Officials claim to know nothing about anything.

In fact, Prosecutor Dan Satterberg stated in writing he does not concern himself with their activities.

It may good election fodder to speak of evidence but the reality is the current prosecutor’s office either ignores evidence, or manufacturers evidence in order to win a trial at any cost.

Facts are, other crimes are ignored if a quick easy, publicity type conviction can be achieved with “believable” (good actor) testimony alone. Prosecutor Satterberg’s office considers a mere accusation to be evidence.

In the State v. Malcolm Fraser Trial, when Jason Simmons was faced with the fact that all the evidence pointed to the innocence of the man he was prosecuting, he exclaimed, “so what?!”.

Prosecutor Jason Simmons is part of a team associated with such corruption: King County Prosecutor Daniel T. Satterberg, Prosecutor Rich Anderson, Prosecutor Mark Larson, Prosecutor Lisa Johnson, Prosecutor Jason Simmons,  Enumclaw Police, City of Enumclaw,  Enumclaw Prosecutor Mike Reynolds.

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