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[Monday, September, 29, 2014,]
King County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Satterberg Threats

King County programs show his office is happy to use the threat… – kirotv, April 2014


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This is what the beating heart of Prosecutor Satterberg sounds like as corruption pulses through offices under his watch.

You don’t hear King County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Satterberg calling for reform that his office no longer be shielded by the courts for their criminal activities. Thus, according to Satterberg’s own words there is nothing to keep him from the “difficult path” as he faces no threat from the law.

If Satterberg were serious, in the remote, to keep people within the law he would start with his own office. To the contrary Satterberg has always had a “so what” attitude toward evidence. For Satterberg it is his lust to feel power that motivates his office. In the news quote below you will notice Satterberg wants to play judge, jury and executor.

Threats of prosecution are the mark of abusive governments. Where the acts of threatening are used for compliance rather than the revelation of truth.

This is the reason you see Satterberg jump into the public arena with comments of threats from his office long before any investigation has taken place. It is not the law, the truth nor going to trial Satterberg has in mind. He knows, as the public often forgets that most cases do not go to trail, thus damned be the facts, evidence and the truth – it is to Satterberg about bulling, threatening and his offices sense of being “happy” to torture compliance of his “legal” whims.

Where happiness is not a safe society but an exercise of his power for the sake of power.

If it is “threats” of prosecution that keep individuals lawful than Prosecutor Satterberg has just confessed that his office is corrupt.

Truth be told – it is Satterbrg, and those who work for, and support him that have choosen the difficult path.

Do not envy the oppressor, And choose none of his ways; ~God

T. Williams
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kirotv, april 2014

Satterberg admits these and other recent King County programs show his office is happy to use the threat of prosecution as a bargaining chip.

“The law is a great leverage point and we can say, ‘If you go to this program and you participate in this treatment program, we won’t file this criminal charge’” Satterberg told KIRO 7 reporter Amy Clancy. “That’s enough for a lot of people to follow through on what can be a difficult path.”

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