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Behold the hatred of Prosecutor Jason Simmons, Prosecutor Lisa Johnson and Prosecutor Rich Anderson. It is this abuse of power that moved these Prosecutors to frame a pastor using Jesus as a weapon. (See Gay Enough) Don’t think for a minute this was a one time event. The very people Prosecutors are to protect from (mobs), they protected and enhanced the hate crime.
Let us switch gears now and we will examine how the real cult, the Lawyer Cult, committed a self-righteous trial by ordeal. This matter of cult hysteria was not only present with the jury but Prosecutor Simmons was so full of hatred and the he-bee-gbees that he was spooked that a “cult” member might be passing secret eye codes. Satterberg clearly let his favorite expert team get emotionally out of control – even rabid in this case of attacking Timothy Williams – a supposed cult leader.

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