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[October 13, 2014,]

Satterberg Wants To Know
Is Timothy Williams “Special”

King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg

So What Satterberg “Happy” To Smirk At The Truth

Satterberg Wanted To Know If I Was "Special"

Satterberg Wanted To Know Was I Special Carla died in 2013.

I never took the stand, wasn’t on trial, but Prosecutor Jason Simmons, and Team, wanted to know if I was “special.” King County Prosecutors attacked a Christian church through a hate crime.

Those engaged in their hate crime portrayed me as a power-mad individual and Prosecutor Simmons, through the prosecution of someone else sought to inflame the hatred rather than accept the fact the lies were falling in upon themselves. Why? Because Christians, as everyone knows, are favorite targets. Had I been gay enough the evil in the courtroom that took place would never have happened.

Carla’s video testimony can be viewed here – see related posts at the bottom of article.

Reprint Article From 2013

Timothy Williams does not claim to be God, a god or even special.
Repeat, Timothy Williams does not claim to be God, a god or even special.
Timothy Williams does not have a special relationship with God which no one else can have.
Repeat: Timothy Williams does not have a special relationship with God which no one else can have.
Over a year later State authorities still urgently needed this information and set out to shake down a witness. Rumor had it, among those spreading slander and false accusations, that Timothy Williams claimed to have a special divine relationship with God that no one else can have. That this is a flat-out lie is self-evident to the extreme, but this whole legal mess is chock full of self-evident lies.
One of the members of the church Timothy Williams attends, in a four hour tag team effort by King County Prosecutors in Washington State in order to reinforce false accusations against a church, prodded and probed for their answer to this all-consuming question.
Upon solid evidence, Timothy Williams does not even have a special status in Washington State that places him above the laws against lying, bullying, and scheming. Unlike, the consider-themselves-special Prosecutor Offices around the nation who laugh about framing Mother Teresa, this question still seems to be worth massive taxpayer funds and of interest to officials at the King County Prosecution office in an effort to make the hate-crime appear legitimate.

Senior Pastor Timothy Williams responds with:
“All who have a relationship with the holy, justice demanding God, through Jesus find it to be very special—but I am nothing special. This is why for over thirty years I have sincerely signed my letters as ‘A very small servant of the King of kings.’ Anyone who wants to have a relationship with the God of mercy may obtain one if they come with sincere faith. I am shocked at the hate-crime enabled by the State of Washington that allows this nonsense to continue. It is no wonder the bully elements of society are attracted to abusing the legal system as this has nothing to do with the case at hand-unless something else is really the focus.”

Detective McCall, Enumclaw Police Department, and other State authorities have set out through back-door methods to destroy individuals in a power grab evident of today’s out-of-control legal system. Apparently the witch-hunt mentality from the State of Washington that destroyed families in the Wenatchee child abuse fiasco still has still not been atoned for. No wonder Senator Pam Roach has to introduce a bill requiring State Employees to simply tell the truth. (web site at the time) can only assume someone in the State of Washington must want that special relationship with Jesus that anyone can have by true faith. After all, Jesus will even forgive lawyers if they ask for mercy. As Jesus said to “all”, not just Timothy Williams,

Yet to all who received him, to those who believed in his name [Jesus], he gave the right to become children of God – God

“I and millions around the world find it pretty special to have the right to become a child of God even though we, including myself are nothing special! This is the wonderful power of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus.” Timothy Williams stated in no special way.

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