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Detective Grant McCall with the protection of King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg created a religious hate crime. Satterberg not only gave Detective Grant McCall of Enumclaw the opportunity to preach his religious message, because he makes Jesus look stupid, on the stand but at the same time enabled to delete evidence, delay evidence and cover-up a non existent investigation into the hate crime of Athena Dean.

It is not surprising that Satterberg has not only the time, but steps in front of the church to play church.

While government agencies, including Satterberg attack Christian churches they steal their rights to “save others” for themselves and bribe with food.

All through history there has always been those who become puffed-up by persecuting one group and acting benevolent toward those they can manipulate.

One day, to their shame for not serving justice and justice alone their sins will be revealed to all – there will be no hiding then. Of course, nothing less could be expected from a Prosecutor that prides himself on manipulating children through Kid’s Court, using the proclamation of goodness, the needs of people, now with acts of kindest as a cover for a lust of power has all through history been the cruel acts of the wicked. The saddest part of all is that everyone who supports Satterberg, failing to demand that truth be the hallmark of legal works, will suffer judgment with him from God on the Day of Judgment. Let all be on guard against men who come to you with acts of kindness while walling in lies.

A righteous man cares for the needs of his animal,
but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel.
~ God ~
(Proverbs 12:10)

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-Satterberg Newsletter-
The PAO won the competition in the Public Sector category for 2014 and has won in that category for the past nine years. In November, the PAO was recognized for its efforts and received the 2014 Food Frenzy Award. The PAO completed the two-week fundraising project in July, which raised $11,600 for Food Lifeline. The money will provide 46,400 meals for hungry children. Food Frenzy is a “friendly” competition between law, accounting and engineering firms with the goal of feeding children during the summer months when food bank shelves aren’t well stocked and school lunch programs aren’t running. Many thanks to the PAO’s Food Frenzy organizing committee.
Service Awards for PAO Employees
The following PAO Employees recently observed significant anniversaries in the office. We celebrate not just longevity, but significant contributions to the mission of the PAO and service to the people of King County.
30 Years
Stephanie Bates
Gloria Burton
Lloyd Corgan
Sandra Courtway
Michael Hogan
Ann Westberg
25 Years
Robin Fox
Maggie Nave
Kristin Richardson
Wendy Ross
Rod Scarr
Michael Sinsky
Dan Soukup
Rashelle Tidwell
Sue Trujillo
Jim Whisman
20 Years
Terry Carlstrom
Dan Fernandez
Linda Gallagher
Robin Hohl
Sanetta Hunter
Marsha Luiz
Brian McDonald
Beth O’Bryan
Tracy Orcutt
Karen Peck
Ian Taylor
Andrea Vitalich
Linda Williamson
Tricia Woods
Douglas Young
10 Years
Jennifer Atchison
Kristy Bailey
Lynn Belcourt
Angela Blocki
Gabrielle Charlton
William Doyle
Amy Eiden
Whitney Hellyer
Heidi Jacobsen-Watts
Toni Kircher
Julie Kline
Janet McCormick
Anh Nguyen
Stephanie Alfaro Padgett
Kimberley Reynolds
Dianna “DJ” Smith
Van Tran
Risa Woo


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