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Jung Hwang, the owner of the shop, told the Guardian on Thursday that detectives visited him one day last week following Gray’s death and appeared to take copies of the footage that was stored on his laptop computer.

CR Grocery in Baltimore. Photograph: Jon Swaine for the Guardian
However, the shop was then looted during Monday’s unrest, said the shop owner, who is Korean and speaks little English. “The laptop was stolen,” he said.

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Allen was in the van because he allegedly stole a cigarette from a store on North Avenue.
He was never charged. Instead he was brought straight to the station.
“I talked to homicide. I told homicide the same story.” Allen said.
A story he says is being distorted and now he fears being killed.
“I had two options today right, either come and talk to y’all and get my credibility straight with ya’ll and not get killed by these [expletive] or not tell a true story,” Allen added. “The only reason I’m doing this is because they put my name in a bad state.”

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