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A few words about death.

Use to be dying wasn’t looked on as a grand adventure – whether pagan, unbeliever, king or queen there was a casual acknowledgement that death was to be respected.

Grand is the lie now that if one likes what he, or she is doing, death is somehow their friend – rather than a fiend to be respected.

But You have severely broken us in the place of jackals,
And covered us with the shadow of death.
(Psalm 44:19)

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At least one American climber is among the 10 or more dead after an avalanche caused by an earthquake on Mount Everest. Google engineer Dan Fredinburg, who was on Everest as part of the Jagged Globe team, died as a result of head injuries sustained in the avalanche, according to Fredinburg’s sister. She posted the news on Instagram on Saturday afternoon along with a picture of her brother on his account.

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