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The Pentagon has promised not to invade Texas.

Just for the legal record – to make a point – the Federal Government already invaded Texas once.

It was called the Civil War and the Supreme Court had ruled that Lincoln did not have the legal authority to force Texas to remain part of the United States. Thus Lincoln invaded the South.

So much for promises and the rule of law.


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(Newser) – If you haven’t heard of the paranoia fest known as Jade Helm 15 yet, yesterday’s announcement from the Pentagon might seem a little weird: It swears it doesn’t plan to take over Texas and impose martial law. A spokesman felt compelled to officially tamp down those rumors, explaining that Jade Helm is a military exercise that “poses no threat to any American’s civil liberties,” reports Politico. From July 15 to September 15, thousands of troops will converge on the Southwest for the massive exercise, which has spawned all kinds of colorful conspiracy theories. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott didn’t exactly suppress the concerns by ordering the Texas State Guard to keep an eye on things to safeguard the “constitutional rights” of Texans.


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