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Er, had Madonna not been gyrating on stage with elements of the demonic – she would not have tripped.

You hope for light, but God is sending darkness. Evening shadows already deepen in the hills. So return to God and confess your sins to him before you trip and fall. (Jeremiah 13:16)

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Exercising regularly has been like a prayer answered for Madonna: The singer says thanks to staying active, she didn’t suffer much after falling during her performance at the Brit Awards.
“If I wasn’t in good shape — tuck and roll,” the singer, laughing, said during an interview with The Associated Press on Thursday night. “I attribute a lot of the fact that I came out all right because I’m in good shape.”
The 56-year-old tumbled last week during a live performance after her dancers tugged at her flowing cape, dragging her down three steps. She got up after being yanked and continued her performance of “Living for Love.


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