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What are the after-effects of killing someone?

  • How does a policeman cope with shooting a child holding a toy gun after only giving him 2 seconds to put it down?
  • How does a solider deal with the flood of buried emotions from sustained war actions that kill?
  • How does one get, have and maintain a heart of David, a man after God’s heart, after so much bloodshed?

While I have the answers most must grope about in the dark looking for even the right questions.

But God said to David, ‘You shall not build a house for My name, because you have been a man of war and have shed blood.’ (1 Chronicles 28:3)

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That may sound obvious. Of course combat soldiers have to kill. And yet over the past year, as I’ve been reporting and writing about killing in combat—a project born from time spent covering the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and several other countries over the past decade—I’ve seen that this part of combat, obvious though it may be, remains one of the least discussed and most overlooked, despite the profound implications it has for all involved.


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